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Here are a number of links to sites of interest. Most are speaker-related, but some are not.

Sept. 18, 2002 - Updated with new links to guitar-oriented sites.


t-line speakers site - A site devoted to t-line speakers with theory, designs and more.

Madisound - Madisound is an on-line retailer of speaker components.

Speaker City - Another retailer of speaker parts.

Audio XPress - A magazine devoted to constructing your own speakers, tube and solid-state gear. A must for any serious hobbyist constructor. - Another great site with lots of plans and projects.

Parts Express - Another great source for speaker parts of all kinds. This is also the place to go for subwoofer amps!

Gails Gallery - This is a shameless plug for my wife's paintings, both originals and copies of classics.

The Studio - The Studio is a sort of musician's club. It's a place where guys like me can live out their musical fantasies. It's allowed me to play out in some very cool places such as The Bitter End in NYC.

The ax84 Project - This is a very cool site. It centers around the idea that you can build a great tube guitar amplifier. Some of the amps are truly original!

G and L Guitars - Guitars by Leo, as in Fender. Make sure to take the Factory tours if you're interested in woodworking. I play a G and L ASAT Classic with a maple neck. Great guitars!

E-mail me your own links! - If you've built a pair of these speakers or have a cool link, I'd love to include it here!

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