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Electrical Components

The heart of the tower speakers are the woofers and tweeters which are made by a Danish company, Vifa.

The Woofer is Vifa part number P17WJ-00-04. It (and the tweeter) is available from any of the sources listed on the Links page. The tweeter is Vifa part number D27TG-05-06. The woofer is about $38 each, while the tweeter is about $20 each.

The sole crossover component is a 4 microfarad 400 Volt polypropylene or mylar capacitor, of which you will need two. These are available from Madisound or Parts Express. Be a bit careful here, as there are a variety of capacitors out there. There are "boutique" capacitors that can cost as much as the tweeters! I've generally paid no more than $7 or $8 for a pair of them. I must admit that I haven't tried the fancy ones, but if you haven't guessed by now, I'm a firm believer in buying good-quality, but inexpensive parts. The trick is finding them. These will do the trick: Solen 3.9mfd, 400V available from Parts Express under their part number #027-548, currently under $4 each.

You'll also need a set of five-way binding posts to serve as the speaker terminals. They can be had at Radio Shack, but since you'll need to order the capacitors from one of the aforementioned suppliers, you might as well get these at the same time. Also, you'll need to do some soldering. it's the only way to connect the electrical parts together. For that, I recommend a soldering iron which is low in power, say 25 watts or so. If you don't have one, Radio Shack sells one for under $10. You can use a soldering gun (which is much more powerful), but you'll need a very light touch with it as it can easily damage the delicate leads on the components. You'll also need some solder. I recommend a rosin-core electronic solder, again, from Radio Shack although Parts Express carries it as well. Finally, you'll need about 6 or 7 feet of speaker wire. I use the same stuff that I use to connect the speakers to my amplifier, 16 gauge. I have also used generic lamp cord. Just make sure that it is polarized, meaning that you can differentiate between the two conductors which makes it easy to get the polarization right.

MDF Components

You'll need to cut the following pieces from a single 4' by 8' sheet of 3/4" MDF:

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